31 Days of Preparation

This is a collection of writings over 31 Days, in which the subject of Personal Preparation was addressed in several areas:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual

Some areas are addressed more than others and over time some adjustments may be made to target each of these four areas better.

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  1. Nwadisson says:

    (1) The first thing you should alwyas have is a flashlight. Most of you probably already do.(2) Blankets, if you have children, you should have more than one because you need to keep warm and it is dangerous to sit for a long period of time in a running car.(3) First aid kit. My kit has band aids, large bandages, medical tape, Neosporin, peroxide, alcohol pads, ace bandages and burn cream.(4) Hand warmers. These are little packet things that you can get at most places that sell camping gear.(5) Food. I carry MRE’s Meal ready to eat. You can get them at most military surplus stores.(6) Water. In a lot of climates if you are stuck for a while the water will freeze. But most of the time it should be fine.(7) Chains. If you live where there is a lot of snow, chains might be something you want to carry. Just in case.(8) A tow strap. If you get stuck you want to make sure if anyone stops to help you that they can pull you out, they won’t alwyas have the equipment for that. So having one on hand helps.(9) Extra socks, hats, gloves and coats. You might not alwyas have your coat with you during the day, but if you are stuck it will be super cold come night time. Extra socks will be needed if your feet get wet.(10) If you have a baby, extra diapers, wipes and formula. These are alwyas nice to have on hand even if it’s not an emergency situationHere are the items you should alwyas have available:Fresh water: On average, assume you’ll need at least two quarts of water per day, per person. That’s the minimum you should store for drinking. Don’t forget about your pets, too. Store water in clean, plastic containers. Bottled gallon jugs of water from the supermarket are good choices.Food: Human beings can live for quite a long time without food, as long as they are adequately hydrated. However, it’s important to your health and comfort that you keep some food on hand for emergencies. Opt for canned goods, which have a reasonably long shelf life and are generally safe from rodents or bugs. Choose items that are palatable cold, as you may not have fuel for heating. You might also consider survival packs or military packaged meals that are sold in sporting good or army surplus stores.Warmth: If the power goes out, you may need to provide some warmth for your family. Stash a few blankets in your box, as well as some waterproof matches. You might even want to consider some extra warm clothing, such as sweatshirts or jackets. Hats, gloves and scarves are a good idea if your climate gets cold in the winter.Sanitation: Basic hygiene and sanitation should still be maintained. Include some antiseptic gel, premoistened wipes and toilet paper.Tools: Don’t forget the basics like a flashlight, extra batteries, pliers, hammer, nails, and radio. A compass might be useful if you intend to spend some time on foot. You should also pack a can opener and a knife. A flare and a whistle can be used to signal rescuers, so include them in the kit. Basic First Aid equipment like bandages, splints, tape and pain relievers should also be part of your emergency supplies.Remember: Food expires, batteries die, and moths can eat through blankets. Check your supplies once a year to ensure that everything is safe and maintained. Replace anything that’s old, non-working or expired.one flashlight (electric torch) with batteriesspare batteriesone pair trauma shears (EMT shears/pennycutters)two pairs nitrile exam glovesone biohazard waste bag (any sturdy, sealable plastic bag will do)one SAM splint (Structural Aluminum Malleable)two triangular bandagesfour 4 x4 gauze pads (lint/surgical sponges)two rolls 4 gauze (roller bandage/cling)ten adhesive bandages (sticking plasters) (Elastoplast/Band-aid type)one roll 1/2 medical adhesive tapetwo 5 x9 abdominal padsone pocket face mask (keychain-style CPR mask)one bottle 81 mg chewable aspirintwo 6 elastic bandages (Ace bandages)six safety pinssix alcohol prep padssix povodine iodine prep padsone penone notebookinventory list

    • mama says:

      Wonderfully detailed list! Thanks for your contribution! I realized now that I don’t think I listed a compass…I’ll have to go back and check!

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