Emergency Mama has searched high and low for high quality, healthy foods that can be stored for long-term use, used daily, and supplement a family’s normal food supply.   She has carefully compared prices of emergency supplies  that are useful and affordable. Check out Emergency Mama’s Store. She will continue to add other item suggestions and make them available here.

In difficult times, having healthy colorful foods to feed your family is more than just a luxury.  It is essential. Much of the time, long term food storage is brown. And white.  Booooring. Not to mention, lacking significantly in nutrition.  Preservative-free, non GMO, MSG-free fruits, vegetables, beans, dairy and grains that have a 25 year shelf life unopened, and often 1-2 year shelf life after opening is NOT an impossibility.

THRIVE foods are delicious, nutritious and affordable.

 For recipes, details, experiences and reviews, go to Emergency Mama directly.

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