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Emergency Mama’s Quick Questions

How prepared for a disaster are you?

Could you leave your home quickly without feeling too frazzled and that you left important things behind?

Take this quick” YES- or- NO- circle- one” survey to see how prepared you already are!

Even if you answer NO to many or most of the questions, if you start burning through the list you will find your self WAY more ready in a matter of minutes!

Check it out below or print it!




Emergency Mama’s Quick Questions

Have you created & practiced escape routes from your home?                                      Y  N

Does your household know what to do before, during & after and emergency situation?        [like an earthquake, blizzard, hurricane or tornado]                                   Y  N

Do you have heavy objects hanging over your bed that could fall during an earthquake?                                                                                                                       Y  N

Does every room in your house have access to a working flashlight?                             Y  N [candles could be a danger if there is leaking gas]

Do you keep shoes near your bed to protect your feet after a disaster?                          Y  N

Do you know how to shut off the main water line?                                                            Y  N

Can you do this by hand or does it need a tool?                                                               Y  N

If you smell gas, do you know where and how to turn off the gas line?                            Y  N

Do you have the right tool to turn off these lines? Is it near them?                                   Y  N

Can you turn your furnace and hot water heater back on safely?                                    Y  N

Do you have functioning smoke alarms in your home?                                                    Y  N

Do you have and know how to use a fire extinguisher?                                                    Y  N

Do you have extra sets of keys outside the home?                                                          Y  N

Do you have copies of important documents safely stored?                                            Y  N

If you had to evacuate your home, do you have a meeting place?                                   Y  N

Do you have a functional radio to get emergency information?                                        Y  N



Would you have sufficient food?                                                                                       Y  N

Could you cook it without gas or electricity?                                                                     Y  N

Would you have enough water for drinking, cooking and hygiene?                                  Y  N

If YES to the above questions, how long would your supply last?

Do you have a 72 hour evacuation kit?                                                                             Y  N

Can you move this kit?                                                                                                      Y  N

Do you have an out-of-state contact designated?                                                            Y  N

Do you have a First Aid kit at home and in all cars?                                                         Y  N

Do you have work gloves and tools for minor clean up and rescue?                               Y  N

Do you have emergency cash on hand? [atms and banks could be closed]                   Y  N

Do you have a means to heat your home without gas or electricity?                               Y  N

Do you have a month’s supply or prescriptions on hand?                                                Y  N

Do you have a sanitation plan if toilets don’t work?                                                           Y  N

Do you have water, food, clothing and fuel for extended times? 3 mo. 6mo. 1 year?