Food, Water, Shelter & Fire are critical basics that we will find ourselves needing in a crisis.

How to acquire those items, and even better utilize ones we already have will be an invaluable skill set for us to master.

You might be surprised to know how critical SHELTER is.  I read once this perceptive and chilling observation:  If you have no shelter in the heat of the desert, a quart of water does little for you in the long run.  It can take quite a while for the body to die from starvation, but exposure to rain, wind and cold can be deadly.  In these cases, FOOD can wait.

FIRE is pretty closely related to meeting some of the need here.  A warmed body can be saved from death.

“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” is presumably how the recent survivors of Japan’s Tsunami, or The Gulf’s Hurricane Katrina felt.  In a flood , or shipwreck, or Hazardous Material disaster, finding a drop of drinkable WATER becomes a challenge that desperately needs addressing.  It is universally important.  We, as living beings are constantly losing water. Just by breathing, we can lose nearly 1 quart or a liter of water.

Each of these areas will be addressed here in more detail.

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