So- freshly grown food may need no cooking whatsoever.  That’s always nice.  Canned foods may not need it either.  MRE’s- no big deal, and Dehydrated (usually a longer cook time required here) and freeze-dried(very little cook time) usually need some reconsitution with water and, perhaps, heat.  But lets face it…depending on how long a situation lasts, or where you are situated, you very well may need to cook something, sometime.

Here are a few ways you can do so:

In your home, you can use your fireplace.

Your barbeque will work for you for a while, and would be a great way to cook if you are staying at your home in an emergency.

Camping stoves can be used outside.

*Don’t forget the appropriate fuels for each- charcoal, propane, butane…

There are Swiss Cook stoves you can find at Army Surplus stores that will hold stacking stove, water bottle and “cup”. They are light-weight, and easy to use.

Wing stoves with fuel tablets are cheap and lightweight.

Water proof matches and wet fire starting sticks are excellent if you have tinder, and a pot of some sort to cook or heat water.

Depending on the type of cooking method, you will most likely vary your cooking tools.
Cast Iron cauldrons are great for open fire- cooking. If you can get large kettles/pots to cook for more people, then you will have something to share from your cooking labors.

If you are using your wing stove, or a portable little fuel-tablet starter stove, individual, light-weight mess kits with a pan, pot and cup are handy.  These work for cars and on-the-go situations well, b/c they are light and take up little space.