There aren’t many better ways to have and preserve fresh, nutritious food than to grow it yourself.  In fact- what better way is there, really?

Notice I didn’t say “easier”.  Not all gardening is easy.  But its not all that hard, either.

Some of the favorite delectables that your family enjoys may be nearly as simple as:

  • fluff up the dirt a few inches deep
  • plant some leaf lettuce seeds 1/4-1/2 inch deep
  • water till moist, but not soaked
  • keep it moist
  • pull a couple of weeds

Repeat for 10-14 days. Snip off  3″ leaves. Wash them.  Make a nice salad.

ANYONE can grow SOME kind of edible plant.  You can do it in a pot on your patio, in your window, or in the yard.  You don’t need a lot of space, and you can grow a whole lot if you grow vertically.  More on that another day.

It is a wise idea to invest in non-GMO, heirloom seeds that are packaged to be preserved.  The best place to keep seeds you store, is in the opposite conditions they need to grow: a dry, cool, dark place. Heirloom, Non- GMO [genetically modified] seeds are the type you are aiming for.  These seeds will yield crops that will produce seeds that are not sterile, and will continue to produce for you again and again.