Emergency Bags/Kits

Your GET N GO BAG Contents and lists for a car emergency bag and work/school bags are here.  Print them out for your convenience!  These Items will help you CUSTOMIZE your READY BAG.

There is extra room for you to personalize your lists.

There WILL be other items not listed here, that you may want to include in yours.  For instance, I don’t believe the list has jumper cables, and a reflective triangle…

You can also make  or buy a mini-kit-in-a-can!


Visit Emergency Mama to share your bag’s contents.  How did you divide up the things your family needs?  Let’s use the power of our collective “genius” to help each other conquer this task!

Mama has smaller bags with less stuff for her little munchkins, but they will still carry some of the items we’d need in an evacuation.

Of course, Mama and Papa will carry the heavier things, but each of us will have at least a few of the most critical items.

Perhaps each family member can carry their own change of clothing and some water.

It might be best to have the foods, cook set and utensils all together in one bag, and the first aid and personal hygiene in another.

THIS THOROUGH, well-priced READY BAG WILL is AVAILABLE !  MAMA BEATS THE PRICE OF ANY OTHER EQUIVALENT KIT.  The goal is not to make a fortune off of people choosing wisely.  It is to equip, educate, and prepare you, reasonably and fairly.


  1. Fleur says:

    The thought of putting a thumb drive in a water proof bag with my backed up photos & important documents on it in my emergency bag….never occurred to me….GENIUS!

    • MAMA says:

      Mama would love to take credit, but she’s sure she read it in some fascinating book somewhere…it IS genius, isn’t it!?!

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