Hurricane season is determined to be between June 1, and November 30.

Check the NOAA to find out current reports.


Preparing your Home and Business


Check your supplies from previous years, if you have them.

If you do not have an Emergency Supply Kit, build one now!

If you are instructed to evacuate, do so!  You cannot be certain that help will come later if you find yourself in a deadly situation after evacuations have taken place.  Remember that YOU are no match for  a hurricane’s force.

When evacuating:

  • Try to keep calm. Pack your disaster supply kit.
  • Remember to do the following when you prepare to leave home:
    • Turn off lights, gas appliances, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.
    • Keep refrigerator/freezer turned on.
    • Lock your home!
  • Use the phone only in case of emergency, injury or illness. Keep it brief.
  • Refer to local radio or television for up-to-date information from public officials during an emergency.  Avoid panic or complacency by dismissing rumors. Be sure to have the facts.
  • Try to use only one vehicle per family- and include any neighbors that fit in! Traffic will be bad, and worse with more vehicles.
  • Tune to Emergency Alerting Systems and  radio stations for reports about evacuation routes, conditions, etc. Use those travel routes specified, to avoid being trapped in am unsafe route.
  • Drive safely. Be prepared for heavy traffic, and officer assistance directing traffic.
  • If you need a ride, try to go with a neighbor, friend, or relative.
  • Let others know when you leave and where you are going.
  • Make arrangements for pets. You cannot assume your pet is welcome at all shelters. Pet carriers are recommended along with adequate pet supplies.

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