Find out Storm Facts.

Decide to STAY or GO.

STAY If you:

  • Are not in a storm surge or flood zone
  • Live in a home you have hurricane-proofed [double-check your window protection and your disaster supplies]
  • Have a Family Disaster Plan    [Review your plan with family members]
  • Have assembled a Disaster Survival Kit
  • Are acquainted with the Hurricane Watch Checklist [work your way through it and note all aspects]

* notify your out-of-state family contact that a hurricane is threatening.

GO if you:

  • Live in a mobile home
  • Live in a storm surge or flood zone

You go.

At the first announcement of a hurricane watch, check your  Hurricane Watch checklist and get ready to leave. If you haven’t already determined where you and your pets would stay, and a hurricane watch has been issued for your area, now is the time to seek the  hospitality of a nearby friend or relative who lives outside of an area prone to surge and flooding.You will most likely NOT find a hotel or shelter that can take both you and your animals.

If you live in a reasonably well-built home you have not hurricane-proofed, you face a difficult choice.

Some facts to consider:

You will generally be safer in the safest interior area of your home than in your car

The more dangerous the storm, the more difficult to evacuate the area.

If you are very handy with a hammer, nails & saw, and willing to endure long lines at your building supply store, which may have all supplies depleted, you might have time to protect your garage doors and windows.

Do you feel lucky?

Find out about Hurricane Watches and Hurricane Warnings


 Official Announcement that Evacuation is Necessary:

  • Leave as soon as possible. Avoid flooded roads and watch for washed-out bridges.
  • Unplug appliances. Turn off all electricity, gas and main water valve.
  • Tell your designated family contact or someone outside the storm area where you are going.
  • If time permits, and you live in a surge or flood zone, elevate furniture to protect it from flooding or -if possible- move it to a higher floor.
  • Take Disaster Supply Kit, warm protective clothing, blankets and sleeping bags to shelter.
  • Lock up home and leave.

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