• Use a flashlight for emergency lighting if at all possible.   If you need to use candles, never
leave them burning when you leave the room or go to sleep.
• Turn off electrical equipment to prevent a surge of electricity when the
power comes back on.
• Avoid opening the refrigerator and freezer so food stays cold.
• Listen to the radio for reliable information.
• Use the phone in emergencies only.
• Call 911 only in a life-threatening emergency.
• Limit your travel. Traffic lights and gas pumps may not work, or may only have generated power for limited times.
• Find shelter with family, friends or at a community shelter if the power is
out for a long time, or when it is very hot or cold.

DO ALL COOKING OUTDOORS if unable to use your usual appliances.


The food in your refrigerator:
• Outage < 2hours. Good.
• Outage > 2 hours= pack the food in a cooler and put
ice around it.
The food in your freezer:
•  Half full, the food should stay safe for 24 hours.
•  Full, the food should stay safe for 48 hours.

Water Safety
If the power goes out in a large area, water may not be safe for drinking,
cooking or washing.

The local health department should issue alerts about the
safety of water for these tasks.
If your water is not safe to drink, use bottled or boiled water to wash dishes,
brush your teeth, wash and prepare food and wash your hands.

Use bottled water to make baby formula.

Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to clean your hands.

Do this until local health officials instruct otherwise.

BOILING WATER for 1 minute should do the trick unless you are at higher altitudes. In that case, 3 minutes of a rapid boil should suffice.




  1. Nilima says:

    You also might just ask them to tell you their story. You might record it, since you may miss some of the hidedn read b/w the lines kind of thing I would imagine that they are still working thru it. Deep inside, most people ask why me? ,and what did I do to cause this bad thing to happen to me? so it will help them just to have someone who will listen without judgement, and with encouragement and compassion. Ask them How can I help you? Let the Lord guide you and it will be a spiritual experience.

    • MAMA says:

      Nilima- very good response- and you are right…in hard times, we all may just need someone to listen to our story! GREAT advice!

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