Shut off potentially contaminated water from coming into your hidden supply, by turning off your water line coming into the house.

[This is a free and easy task to train your entire family to do. Along with shutting off your gas valve, it can help save lives. Really.]

Other Sources:

  • Streams, lakes, rivers (natural bodies of water that are not stagnant)
  • Springs and wells
  • Rainwater collection

The important thing to remember about these sources of” hidden” water, is that they will need to be treated to decontaminate them.  Even if you will use this water for brushing your teeth, or cooking food, it will still need to be treated.

You may be thinking, ah, well, I have plenty of water stored, so I won’t bother addressing this…but suppose you are not at home with your abundant water supply? Suppose you are at school or work, or on the move?

Think about it.

It could save your life.


  1. Kassie says:

    Very useful info, Thank you! If I am not at home how should I decontaminate the water I do find?

    • mama says:

      The use of the pool shock concentration that is detailed would work if you have the granules packed in your get-n-go bag… a portable uv filter is great to keep with you- that works anywhere as long as you have batteries…and they last a long time in it…you’ll have to pick which of those methods you are most comfortable with away from home. Mama has a UV filter, and I have some Hypochlorite granules in my car. Wrote down the ratios though!…and remember NO Di-chlorite or TRI-Chlorite! 😉 Happy purifying!

    • mama says:

      I would recommend that you purify water you find through boiling or uv purifiers… If you are away from home- that is the time you will be happy you have bottled water, or stashed some in your car or relative’s place for back-up. Use of your emergency radio, will give you information like what local authorities are recommending for water use, gas line hazards, shelters, etc.

      • Zezinho says:

        Visiting from #SOCSunday Dare I say you sound like the female vesoirn of my hubby he’s also obsessed with the weather channels. We all have our quirks! At least this one leaves you very informed & that can’t be all bad.

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