Accept the Challenge!

Be more prepared tomorrow than today.

Getting started is probably the most difficult part of emergency preparedness.


I want to help you take a few very simple steps that will get you moving from just occasionally thinking “I wish I was more prepared” to actually being MORE prepared.

The goal is to become a little bit more prepared tomorrow than you are today.



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I will send you on “Weekly Challenges“.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be detailed in a way that will address both Survival Stuff and Survival Skills. The Stuff will be broken down into affordable easy items to acquire or locate. The Skills portion will address several things you can often do in less than one minute per day, for FREE.

Are you ready? Sign up to the right, to get your Challenge!




  1. gaba says:

    Hey from overseas! This is just what I was hunting for, and you nailed it. Thank you

  2. Smith says:

    Please add me to the Weekly Challenges.

    Thank you

    • mama says:

      I would need to have you sign up under the CHALLENGE page. You’ll only get the weekly challenge- no spam 😉

      • admin says:

        oh dear- it looks like the sign up box has disappeared for you! let me figure out what has happened and I’ll get back to you- yes- this is where you SHOULD be able to sign up! 😉

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