Peaceful Preparedness


I know- the alliteration could already make you gag, but “p”s are nice and Preparedness always seems so harsh, scary and dull…

but let’s face it:

The inevitable is inevitable.

The rains will come, the snow will fall, the ice will weigh heavy, the winds will blow, the sun will scorch, the ground will shake, the creek will rise.

What happens then?

I sat in church on Sunday here in sunny southern California, and a good little shaker woke us all up [ahem- figuratively- no one was sleeping. I repeat NO ONE was sleeping.  We were all listening very attentively, really. You’d get some good preachin’ at church].

It went as fast as it came and nothing was affected.

But the questions flooded my mind:

How would I get to my kids?

Did they know I’d find them and to trust their teachers?

What if the ceiling was caving in and bits of this and that was falling on our heads? How would I respond? Do I have a plan? Does my husband know it? Do my children? Do my fellow gatherers?

On and on, right?

If you have ever considered or even begun to prepare for whatever emergencies you  might potentially face, you know as well as I , that preparing for them can be overwhelming.

The lists are long, the details many, the scenarios countless, the stuff is expensive all added up, and where, really do you start?

Since THINKING doesn’t cost a thing, lets start there. We’ll get to the flashlights, food, financial disasters and firefighting later.

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