Emergency Mama has seen that a lot of emergency supplies in generic packs and kits:

  • Are over-priced
  • contain items of dubious quality
  • are not applicable for your unique needs

In an effort to remedy that, slowly but surely, Emergency Mama will begin to offer you the supplies you need – cheaper & better! Check out this first offering.  A MUST for each household car.

That is the goal!

Currently, you can email Mama and pay via Paypal, or make other arrangements.

Shipping out-of state has not become affordable YET…but that can be discussed as well.

Southern California residents can arrange shipping or pick up or delivery.

Mama is happy to be at your service, and will provide the necessary information you need to USE what you order, as well.

Skills trump Stuff- and MAMA wants you to gain skills and know-how.
You will receive informative materials with every purchase.

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