Start a fire simply

Fire starting is probably not my forte—I go through a lot of newspapers trying to get the fireplace going.

I found my trick though.

Cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly!

I have learned several tricks, which I’ll share in the coming weeks, but lets look at this simple, practically free way to have a fire easily started: camping, in an emergency for warmth or cooking, or just that nice little fireplace fire.

…and do try it at home! [with parental supervision, and safe fire handling, and your ABC fire extinguisher nearby, of course]

Store your prepared cotton balls in a Ziploc baggie! You just did something that you may be rejoicing over in that next rolling blackout, hurricane, ice storm, or rainy camping trip!


  1. Gerson says:

    Check out sites like the Red Cross, and hurricane paeprredness sites. You will want food, water (3 gallons per adult per day for at least 3 days), first aid kit, flashlight, radio, a change of clothing, any medications you may require for at least a few days, copies of prescriptions, emergency contact numbers, insurance policies, and any relative information to help you recover what has been lost, pictures etc. Also include supplies for pets, include food, water, play toy, cage, for children depending on age, include diapers, toys, formula, baby foods, water (more than for an adult), there are many kits you can buy that will have some of the supplies in them, but always add additional things you may also need. This will at least get you started. Look into emergency food bars, they last for years and are sealed to keep out water and other contaminates. IF you have a seal-a-meal, put it to good use, seal you paperwork and other things that could be damaged by water. extra cash in your kit is helpful as well, considering banks, ATMs and the like most likely will not be working either.

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